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Agostoni Uganda 78%

På lager | Varenummer: 146810
Enhet: pose | 4 kg
Rabatt: 0,0% Kr 171,35 Kr 171,35

Bundibugyo i Uganda. Kakao: 78%, sukker: 21%, kakaosmør: 43%

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In the philosophy of the control of supply chain, this cocoa is processed fresh in a company collection centre. The direct supply chain has enhanced the intrinsic quality of this high ground cocoa, as well as making sustainable production of excellence in the heart of Africa.
The resulting chocolate represents the essence of Africa: great power of taste, characteristic in its cocoa flavour, intense and with a long persistence. Delicately spiced and with a pleasant sweet note, enveloping and the cocoa flavor emerges for its strong, linear and clean taste.