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Agostoni Los Bejucos 46%

Lav beholdning | Varenummer: 146820
Enhet: pose | 4 kg
Rabatt: 0,0% Kr 1 036,00 Kr 1 036,00

Los Bejucos i Den dominikanske republikk. Kakao: 46%, sukker: 30%, kakaosmør: 36%, fett: 42%

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A superior chocolate, made with cocoa of Los Bejucos area in the Dominican Republic: this cocoa contains a large percentage of criollo beans, and benefits from a uniform and complete fermentation.
The result is a connoisseur’s taste of milk chocolate, with the full-bodied taste of milk and cocoa, where the sweet notes of caramel are balanced with the bitterness reflected by the significant presence of cocoa.
Completing the flavour profile is a subtle aftertaste of dried fruit.